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AmWest Consulting Services

Our Story- Technical 

ACS was founded by a Fuels Subject Matter Expert who has over 30 years of experience in oil and gas, primarily in military operations and operations in challenging and austere areas of the globe. Mr. Clark is certified in Fuel Laboratory Operations, Fuel Tank Inspections, and Quality Management Systems.  He is an industrial engineer and also holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management. 


Over the past 3 decades, Mr. Clark has designed and outfitted 12 fuel testing laboratories, constructed 10 fuel storage facilities and designed hundreds more, trained thousands of personnel in fueling operations and fuel analysis procedures, and written thousands of safety plans and quality control plans for fueling operations.  


He has traveled to more than 50 countries providing expertise in fueling operations for commercial, military, and organizational operations for various types of petroleum products.  ACS was founded on his knowledge, experience, and background.  All of the SME's and consultants who operate under ACS have at least 10 years of experience in their specialty and that experience is what makes the difference in the level of services that ACS provides for our clients worldwide. 

Technical Past Performance

In 2019, AmWest was contracted to perform an audit of a DLA Energy fuel bag farm in the BDSC area of Baghdad for a Prime contractor to Dept of State under a DLA Energy storage contract.  Our team conducted an audit of all equipment, accountability documentations, safety, and quality control to prepare for a Pre-Award survey inspection by DLA Energy. 

Tactical Fuel Storage Auditing 


Fuel Storage Auditing 

In 2020, AmWest was contracted to perform an audit of a fuel storage terminal in Somalia and also in Afghanistan.  The audit was carried out by performing a standardized inspection of the interior and exterior of all storage tanks, appurtenances, and fueling operations. 


Training- UN WFP

Since 2011, AmWest personnel have been training UN WFP fuels personnel in aircraft refueling operations, fueling operations, Aviation Safety Management Systems, fuels accountability, quality control, aviation safety, and environmental stewardship. This training has taken place in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, Madagascar, and Sudan. 

UN WFP training.PNG
UN WFP training.PNG

AmWest CEO was contracted to train over 250 personnel in refueling of US military aircraft that were provided to the Afghan Air Force.  This contract included training in fuel operations, spill prevention, aviation safety, fuels quality control, accountability, uploading and downloading of trucks, and vehicle maintenance.  This was a 3 year contract. 

Training- Afghanistan Prime Contract

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