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Oil & Gas Technical Services

Experience you can count on!

Comprehensive Oil and Gas Technical Services

ACS offers 30 years of technical expertise in fuel operations, especially in Dept of Defense and NATO fuels operations.  We assist customers in terminal designs, cost engineering, terminal audits, training of personnel, and operations and management.   

Our team engages with clients globally to provide much-needed support.  ACS is a member of API as well as ASTM and our company is ISO Certified.  We understand the standards and all of our team members have decades of experience. 

  • Front End Engineering and Design of Fuel Terminals

  • Operations and Management of Fuel Terminals (remote locations)

  • Fuels Quality Assurance Audits 

  • Consulting for expeditionary fueling operations in austere environments

  • Design of Expeditionary Fueling Operations

  • Tank Inspections (STI Certified) 

  • Certified Audits and Inspections of Fuel Storages and Operations

  • Cost Engineering

  • Loss Control Programs

  • Fuel Remediation/Disposition Consulting (mixed and/or contaminated products)

  • Additive Blending Programs 

  • Fuel Blending Consulting

  • Vital Training in Fueling Operations, Safety, and Environmental Stewardship

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